Cup For The Elderly / Infirm
Enhanced grip
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Project Info

The brief was to design a cup for elderly people in care homes.

My strategy was to design a practical and appealing cup which would address the difficulties people have with getting enough liquid intake. The outcome offers several benefits over traditional cups or the infant style cups currently used:

  • Finger grips - the shape allows easier handling;
  • Double walled - insulates against pain from hot drinks and slippery condensation from cold drinks;
  • Quantity markers - allows liquid intake to be monitored and recorded;
  • Funnel lid with spout - the cup can be refilled easily without having to remove the lid, the funnel shape reduces spillage.

The double walled cup is a manufacturing challenge as the inside and outside can not be moulded in one piece. One solution may be to produce the outer piece via injection-blow moulding in order to achieve the hand grip shapes, and the inner piece as an injection moulding, then ultrasonic weld the two together. The lid would push fit into the cup with a soft polyurethane seal.

Polycarbonate would be used for the cup due to its high impact resistance and optical clarity.


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