Ubiquitous Value Project
Cups for tea lovers
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Project Info
MA Project 

'Ubiquitous Value' is the title of my MA major project. It is a term I created to help generate an awareness of value in everyday commodities.

I chose tea, pepper and wheat as subjects with which to explore ideas of Ubiquitous Value. In total I designed sixteen different concepts which explored a range of ways to express value in ubiquitous commodities.


Featured on this page are:

  • Tea Lover's - Cups and saucer that articulates the power tea has to bring people together;
  • Pocket Pepper - a miniature pepper mill that celebrates the preciousness of the 'king of spices';
  • Pasta Awareness - These pasta shapes communicate the different factors that affect the price of wheat and therefore of pasta.

It suggests that pasta has value and importance beyond the price we pay at the supermarket.


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