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Project Info

This idea is a new approach for wooden cutlery. It turns the cutlery into a modern, desirable and fun piece of design by focusing the product at a barbecue, picnic or party scenario.

For today's environmentally concerned market, wooden cutlery offers a sustainable replacement for plastic or metal because it comes from an organic source and is biodegradable.


The design explores the notion of cutlery themed to an event, created with the ideas of convenience, interaction and fun. To maximise the efficient use of materials, six forks can be stamped from one sheet of beech wood, leaving little waste. Mounted in card packaging the knives and forks are simply snapped from the packet as required in a similar manner to books of matches. By using the sandpaper strip provided on the packaging they can be smoothed and sharpened. With this design aimed specifically for use at a barbecue, there are also matches alongside the cutlery.


This product is purely a student project and is not endorsed by Wagamama.


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